Superior System features
Autronica is a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of fire safety equipment and marine safety monitoring and surveillance equipment. Our products ensure safety in applications on land and sea worldwide.
Our interactive fire detection systems are developed for worldwide standards and regulations, and conforms with the regulation NFPA 72, EN 54 with FM approved and maritime requirements (SOLAS).
AutroSafe® IFG (integrated fire and gas detection system) with SelfVerify® , the world's only IEC 61508 safety integrity level (SIL 2) approved integrated addressable fire and gas detection system.

Self-Verify function for automatic testing of detectors
  • Performs a self-test every day whether a detector is capable of activating an alarm
  • In the event of any irregularities, the operating panel display pinpoints the problem source clearly and concisely.
  • With this new technology, it helps you reduce manual testing that making time consuming and cost increasing on the activities.
Digital filter technology – smart detection
  • With a calibrated signal, the detectors verifies sensitivity ensuring that each detector always responds to the correct alarm level as setting.
All devices are build-in with Short-circuit isolation

Fully addressable device detectors
AutroSafe is the most reliable fire and gas detection system on the market - a system that ensures optimal detection 24 hours a day.
Choosing a fire alarm system isn’t just about adhering to legal requirements; it’s also about saving time, money and effort.
Key Feature
Precise operating system – each individual detection device has its own identification unique address, showing the spot where a fire is present. Able to pinpoint exact detector location in the event of activation
Early Warning system designed to locate precisely where a fire is occurring. No need to search the zone area.
The faster you can locate a fire, the more property and lives can be saved during an emergency, the less serious damage or loss of life
The systems connect devices using a loop. Cheaper wiring cost and easier to install and maintenance
Loop isolation modules are used to separate devices on the loop. If one device becomes disconnected, it won’t disable the circuit.
Circuit disable when device disconnected
Superior system, help prevent costly activities and save time when detecting a fire
Flexibility and increases the sensitivity of particular detectors that are in key areas. Allow the alteration of the alarm threshold of the different detectors for different environments.
Have a clock and event log which records system events on all detection devices to provide you with a comprehensive report.
No log report
Conventional alarm panels cost a lot less to buy but are more expensive to install. This is because each device that is being connected needs its own wire. With addressable systems, one wire loop will connect several devices. This means conventional systems require more wire and more man hours during the installation phase.